Anna Desimone Lmp, Licensed Massage Therapist

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Licensed Massage Practitioner
Seattle - Bellevue Massage Healing Arts

Two Essential Therapies Locations

Cascadia Wellness Clinic
2320 130th Ave NE Bldg E Ste 120
Bellevue, WA 98005

Securities Building
1904 3rd Ave. #608
Seattle, WA. 98101


About Anna Desimone LMP

Essential Therapies

Anna Desimone's clients marvel at her innate abilities as a natural born healer. In addition to her skill as a licensed massage therapist, her athletic strength and endurance and her knowledge of human anatomy and health, Anna is a deeply sensitive and keenly perceptive therapist. Her calming, empathetic and compassionate nature flow together to infuse peace, rest and calm into her clients. She is more than a therapist, she is a healer whose medicine flows from her hands and from her heart. An artist, athlete, world traveler and friend to many, meeting Anna and coming under the ministry of her hands, is an experience of lasting impact for all whom she touches.

Giving Back ~ I Volunteer

It is and essential part of my business practice to use the gift of massage therapy given to me to benefit our community and the world. I love to give to organizations and to people who exist to help those in need and to make the world a better place. I currently volunteer my time and resources to that end. Please contact me if you have a way in which my massage therapy skills can be of assistance.


"I never realized the way years of cumulative stress were affecting my body, my mind and my quality of life. With Anna's gentle yet penetrative massage techniques, layers of stress were invaded and released from my body, leaving me more relaxed and at rest than I ever knew possible."
Andrea Benoit